Apple-iPad-5-Space-Grey-67Long-Lasting iPad Repairs Available across Christchurch and Queenstown

The bigger the device, the greater the cost of fixing it right? Wrong. Whether you have broken your screen, your headphone jack stopped working or there seems to be an internal issue, PhoneZone offer affordable solutions that won’t break the bank.

Large tablet devices have become a common item found within businesses and households. Students are utilizing them daily as their textbooks and for word processing, while businesses are implanting them into Point of Sale systems and even as mobile marketing tools. When your tablet starts to fail or you break the screen you can be at a loss as to what to do. We offer iPad screen replacement solutions and various repairs to get your tablet running again.

Common iPad Problems We Can Fix

While they are simple in design, these tablets can still suffer from hardware problems. Our technicians can provide high-quality and reliable iPad repairs in three convenient Christchurch locations and one Queenstown location. There are a few common issues that we are experts in solving:

  • Headphone jack not working
  • Volume or home buttons are stuck/ not responsive
  • Charger connection failing to work
  • Screen cracked or broken

While these problems may seem like the end of your tablet use, our team can complete iPad repairs to give your device new life. Whether you have a Samsung device or even an iPhone, our technicians can easily solve these common concerns on all.

Quick and Strong iPad Screen Replacement

We use only the best quality screens and replacement products to ensure your repairs are long-lasting. Using specialised tools, we are able to deliver results that make your iPad seem new again.

With tablet devices an important part of the student and business lifestyle, we understand how important it is that your devices are functioning. Our iPad screen repair options are quick and reliable, getting your business or school work back on track.

Contact your nearest PhoneZone iPad screen repair center to find out more about our processes. Alternatively visit us at one of our three Christchurch locations or our Queenstown location.