Professional Mobile Phone Repairs and Screen Replacements in Queenstown

Mobile phones, whether an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, unfortunately break far too often. And given the expense these phones entail, buying a new one every time something goes wrong isn’t usually an option. That’s why you need the experienced Queenstown technicians at Phonezone. Our team can completely repair most damage done to iPhones and other mobile devices. From minor system errors to cracked screens and more serious damage, we can tackle it all.

Available in convenient locations across Christchurch and Queenstown, our team of phone repair experts are on call for any and all phone repairs. Using only the best parts for each mobile device we repair, you’re guaranteed a first-class repair job. We can repair all models of iPhones, most Samsung devices, as well as a huge range of other mobile phones. If you’re not sure if we can fix your phone, just get in contact with us here.

Queenstown’s Affordable Phone Repair

Don’t spend too much getting your mobile phone repaired. Come into Phonezone and see how much we can save you. With a fast turnaround and competitive prices, you’ll not only get the highest standard of phone repair in Queenstown, but you’ll get it at an affordable price. With experienced technicians available, your phone will be as good as new for a fraction of a new phone cost.

Repairing other devices

At Phonezone, we aren’t one trick ponies. We can fix most electrical devices, like iPads, computers and more. Whatever you need fixed, come see the tech repair experts at Phonezone, we’re here to keep your tech up and running.

Want more info?

Not sure if we can help you? Don’t worry, just give us a call, or send in an enquiry, our team of talented techs will be able to let you know if it’s possible for us to solve your problem over the phone, saving you an unnecessary trip into our store. We are able to work on most computers, iPhones and mobile devices, so in all likelihood we’ll be able to help you. Why not give us a call and see whether we’re the repair experts for you?