galaxy-alpha-teardownProfessional Samsung Screen Replacement Services in Christchurch and Queenstown

Mobile devices have become one of the most relied upon pieces of technology in the world today. Acting as our phone, music player, GPS, handheld computer, calendar and more any damage to these devices can cause a major disruption in our everyday lives. The most common damage that can occur is a broken screen or cracked glass. Gone are the days of the old-faithful brick like phones, with the introduction of touch screen technology and a push for greater definition, glass screens are now the norm.

PhoneZone offer high-quality and affordable Samsung screen replacement across Christchurch and Queenstown. Whether you are the proud owner of a Samsung S3, S4 or S5, our screen replacement options can get your cracked device back to working order.

Affordable Replacement Options

Just like a car windscreen, a small crack can slowly become worse and require even further repairs. Ensure you look after your device and get any small issues attended to in order to avoid more costly services. Our team of professional technicians provide quality repairs and services at affordable prices. Regardless of if you have a minor crack on your Samsung S4 or you have completely obliterated your Samsung S5, we can help. Sourcing only the best quality parts and replacement glass, your phone will be as good as new.

Avoid costly repairs or the purchase of a new device by contacting our Christchurch or Queenstown teams to discuss your Samsung screen replacement. We are specialists in all devices including iPhone repairs and iPad fixes.

Other Services

Alongside our comprehensive LCD repair is our extensive list of fixes and replacements of other parts. We offer water damage repair for the S3, S4 and S5 as well as camera and batter replacement and the resolution of headphone jack concerns.

Contact your nearest PhoneZone representatives in Christchurch or Queenstown to find out more about our services and cost-effective solutions. Avoid long wait times and expensive repairs by choosing us as your mobile device repairer.